Monday, May 13, 2013


It’s more than a decade now that I started living on my own. Here, in this faraway land, I am free like a bird; but with this reckless freedom I often feel an emptiness gnawing inside me.
…. I miss her. I miss her big red bindi, paan stained smile and enthralling fragrance of zarda. I miss her mood swings and her horrible tantrums. I miss her sudden frantic calls complaining how I am the biggest mistake of her life, how hopeless her husband is; how the rising prices of things have made life difficult and eventually how life sucks. I miss the pack of lunch made each morning by her with an eye perennially set on the watch; she juggled hundred things that demanded her equal attention on a workday morning when I was in school. She hysterically screamed at me whenever I came home drunk in the middle of the night during my college days. She made me whatever I am today, gave me the courage to listen to my heart. She stood by me always and gave me the strength to fight all battles. I miss her for the values and the uprightness in spite of all odds.
How much ever she cribs and fights with me, how much ever I eat her brains, she still is the best friend I have!
Thank you Maa, thank you for everything!

12th May, 2013

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