Thursday, March 20, 2014

Boy-oh-Boy !

Tonight is the time boy tonight is the time.
Tonight I'll listen to no reason, no rhyme!

Come to the point boy come to the point.
Roll me a joint boy roll me a joint. 
Pour me a drink boy pour me a drink. 
You don't need to think boy you don't need to think.
Tonight I have gotten dressed in my best pink!

Take me in your arms boy take me in your arms.
Tell me you are mine boy tell me you are mine.
The night's still young boy the night's still young.
Give me your song boy give me your song.
Tonight I don't care, what's right what's wrong!

Give me your hand boy give me your hand.
Lets play on the sand boy lets play on the sand.
We will go running boy up on the hills, up on the hills,
Cherry blossoms, tulips and gaint wind mills.
Tonight I don't care, I wanna feel the chills!

Write me a letter boy write me a letter.
Sing me of the river boy sing me of the river.
I won't ask for anything ever, anything ever.
Kill me with the shiver boy kill me with the shiver.
Tonight I don't care, it's now or never!

Take me for a ride boy take me for a ride.
Let me show you my hidden, darkest, deepest side.
Lock me with cuffs boy lock me with cuffs.
Throw me a noose boy throw me a noose.
Tonight you decide what you choose!

They call me loose.... I have loved and lost.
They call me whore.... I'm paying the cost.
They call me mad.... It doesn't make me sad.
I am a brown boy. I don't sing the blues.
Tonight I don't care, I have nothing left to loose!

2oth March 2014

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