Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I get up from sleep,
Fail to recognize my own voice,
I scream. 
Drown in words, 
I never knew I had.

I push the hurt further deep,
The deeper it hurts,
Down inside.
Hurt those parts of me, 
I never knew I had.

I am stuck with a melody, 
That had faded with time.
I listen to your songs in loops,
Not wanting to, 
Yet feeling compelled to.

I know that feeling,
When there is nothing left to feel.
I smile and giggle and talk and laugh, 
Hide that bitter taste, 
In my mouth and go to bed.

I drive down with you, 
The street I once had lived,
Memories come back home.
I try rolling up the windows, I try stopping the world, 
And then you stop me,
"Even wounds need air to heal". 

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