Friday, April 8, 2011

And like a joke in the air I hang, when the answers blow in the wind.
Some answers have a thousand questions,
Questions that fly, fly with the bird, in my night sky.
The bird has a story, the story has a baul,
The baul has a secret, written on a kite, flown inside a rainy heart.
The kite has his childhood, locked in a paper boat,
The paper boat is purple, the colour of your shirt,
Correction: the colour of my dreams!
Dreams have clouds, cloud- butterflies, on my little terrace.
Reds blues and greens sparkle like stars, the stars that are walking all their life
I too walk with the stars, and yesterday seems like light years ago,
I stand in the valley with my arms stretched apart, dig my feet in the sand,
Make a wish for the world before it’s too late!
I feel the coldness of a snake, the snake has poison, sweet manna dew,
Caffeine stained evenings of life and sweet bitter bare foot walks,
I remember the girl who loves to have biriyani in the middle of the night,
Also the one who teases and accuses and loves but never ever understands,
I remember the fool who talks of the mists and passion,
The pictures are abstract, the words imperfect, the dreams surreal
The cat on the window pane knows it all, the stories
Of frog prince, crystal ballerina and pumpkin couches
Of stories of loved and lost and lost and loved
That road of childhood still sings of innocence.
Life again feels like that movie in black and white, slow and sound bereft!
I wonder and my mind wanders as it echoes the whispers in my head
And like a joke in the air I hang, when the answers blow in the wind.

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