Friday, April 8, 2011


We spoke of all beautiful rubbish with starlight on our eyes
Sweet angel devil, childhood tram-route, mango pickle, “Aabol taabol”
Long ago jokers from the middle school, transparent mascara always rule;
Lessons in love! Lessons in love!

Your windows are beautiful, stain glass of time; Burn baby burn else complete the rhyme
Water bed laughter and wind chime warning, be it so or a lifetime of caring
Tear drops on pillow, bean bags of clouds, black blue and red, the hollow that swallow;
Lessons in love! Lessons in love!

Nausea day break, fall of a leaf, pink summer blues, lavender rain and camouflaged pain
My precious cancer sticks and my bottled purple tricks, the messiah indeed is very strict
Tea bags that seep with joyful delight like sugar cubes vanishes from sight
Lessons in love! Lessons in love!

You taught me to love as if never been hurt, songs never die but whispers do hammer
Ringtones change, wall papers rot, ‘m again a little lost
Nights wrapped in songs, with tunes of rain drop and fume on my skin;
Lessons in love! Lessons in love!

I sit with the cell phone, type and delete texts, unsent! Unsent!
Changes the meaning with every changing second;
Blank texts pregnant with meanings and thoughts, uttered silence reflects the impotence of wrath;
Lessons in love! Lessons in love!

Safe with you keep my heart, till I forget how was it lost
Will dream will float will cook will clean, but will never ask it back
Hurt me more as much as you can, till I forget the taste of pain
Will shout will sing will fly will paint, but will never ever complain
Pour me poison, roll me a joint, till I manage to be insane
Will dope will drink will watch you sing, ‘m sure there would be kites in the rain
Make me walk on the tight rope, till you get tired of the tricks
Will jump will dance will shake will twist, but will never unturn the bricks
Your wall is high, your windows closed, but your room doesn’t have a roof
Will walk will run will speak will talk, till you conceal all the proof
With my back against the world, and dreams on your shoulder
Will sleep will snore will bore will yield, till the waves hit the boulder
I cling to dust of memories gold, to find my heart cheaply sold
Some more rubbish till the end of time, the letters still unsent shivering in the cold.

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