Friday, April 8, 2011

I love myself because you love me....

....the love for literature in me, the hatred for mathematics in me, the annoyance for stupid relatives and disgust for over curious neighbours in me, the wash-room singer in me, the silly little schoolboy in me, the naughty old granny in me, the khadi kurtas and colourful socks in me, the voda-fone lover in me, the insomniac letters and chats in me…. the mental in me, the sentimental in me, the crazy bitch in me, the sweet slut in me, the drama queen in me, the ilish vhapa and the sorshe-mach in me....

You bring out the me in me!

....For you I want to send sondesh,
For you I want to make aalo bhaja
And for you I want to let go of myself….

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