Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A piper, a charmer and dreams of a dreamer
Beginning to end, Ending to begin....
Half the glass empty, half the glass filled
Margins overlap, lines seep.... PAUSE

What if I don’t pause the lullaby?
What if the piper plays the honey tune?
Half the colours empty, glass honey pieces
Edges don’t match.... PAUSE

I live on the edges; One edge sharpest
It’s red in colour; the charmers red eye
Dreamer’s dreams touched; dies the dreamer
A half sung death.... PAUSE

The lullaby returns when death half sung
The dreamer’s eye dead, the dreamer’s eye red
Now charmer plays, now charmer draws
But lines overlie, lines bleed.... PAUSE

The story is same the story very old
The piper the charmer the dreamer all known
The lullaby dreams; sharp edges and cones
A half sung line; half blue half red.... PAUSE

The piper the charmer conspire a line
The dreamer trapped, in the ravages of time
The time story swings a honey coloured dream
Half the dream dreamt, half the life lived.... PAUSE