Thursday, April 21, 2011

The death of a song

The piper played of beauty and colours
The world overflowed with lovely flowers
Monsoon nights, melody and marshmallow shower
And for the piper, the dreamer had built a bower....

All of a sudden out of nowhere, the bower broke
The marshmallow melody faded and vanished into a smoke....

For all that the piper said and did; the dreamer had turned into a deformed cupid
What is right? What is wrong? Emotions fade but persists the song
The broken heart also beats; only to speculate how history repeats
The worse is over, the fear is breathed; the dreamer is dead but the heart pulsates
The dreamer’s epitaph smells of blood; the piper’s song had stained the spud
The perilous seed that the piper had sowed; has left the boat nowhere to be rowed
The deadly plant has spread its roots; the river is filled with ugly soot
Cries the dreamer inside the grave; for the song of lunacy, it could not save.....

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