Friday, April 8, 2011

Catharsis of the Casanova

When love is in love, lunacy is just another name for the crazy little thing....
Painted dreams and tainted desire of a lingering lullaby of painted fire
Unknown breath of a known soul playing hide and seek with the self
Flying with the words, Flowing with the words, Floating with the words,
Living with the words, Dying with the words, Raping the words
Death is just another word for it..... Cause I am still throbbing with love....
Addictive and dangerous are games of the mind and of the words....
Another night’s stand.... Catharsis of the Casanova....

Drifting slowly with colours and mist, No search can never go in vain
A sweet tussle in the self, the pleasure of the pain, the kites in the rain
A self shaped void in the universe.... when not knowing is convenience
Lost and loved and loved and lost.... echoes the lullaby of the lunatic
Gets you up every morning with a name, messes you up sticky sweet
You crawl down under the blanket with eyes closed and emotions naked
And the words shrouds like clouded passion and sun tamed touch
Another night’s stand.... Catharsis of the Casanova....

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